San Juan crewman Herbert McMillan (middle)
Submitted by Dallas McMillan

Here is a picture of my dad and uncles in 1946 after the war.  the middle sailor was my uncle Herbert McMillan, torp. mate 3rd class on the San Juan, who i listed in your roll-call last year. On his right is my Uncle Johnny, who served on the USS Boxer, and my dad is on his left, an army private who was training for the invasion of Japan and was 18 when the picture was taken in 1946. My other uncle, Russell McMillan, died in 1943 when the submarine USS Scorpion 1 disappeared with all hands and with no trace. My Aunt Beacher McMillan Cole served in the pentagon as a motorpool driver for Marshall, Ike, Patton, etc, etc,  and the senior military staff.  5 kids in service during WWII at one time. My Uncle Russell, not pictured, was at Pearl Harbor on 12-7-41, and transferred to subs after seeing the surface attacks.