Memories of Lee R. Wright Aboard the USS San Juan CL54
A thanks to Dale Wickham, nephew of Lee R. Wright, for sending this in

4/29/1943 Went to Kalamazoo Induction Center.
5/6/1943 Left for Great Lakes at 5:55 pm, arrived at Camp Benie (?) 9:45 pm
5/8/1943 Went to Hospital McIntis (?) was there 23 days and then back to Benie
5/31/1943 Was in building "G" two days and assigned to Company 705
6/2/1943 Was transferred to Green Bay
7/22/1943 Went home for 9 day leave "sure was a short one for me".
7/30/1943 Left Bangor, Mich. at 2:10 am on train to Chicago. Arrived 6:45 am took in a couple of shows and stayed in the Harmon (?) Hotel on Walbash Ave.
7/31/1943 Returned to D.G.U. (?)
8/3/1943 Left D.G.U. 6:30 pm
8/7/1943 Arrived Plaranton (?) 0712 hrs
9/2/1943 0745 hrs Security Watch
7/11/1944 "My first leave 15 days, I took the City of San Francisco home, back on the 26th".
8/6/1944 "Left for home again came back on the 20th".
8/26/1944 Went to Bethlehem Steel for the USS San Juan 4th Div. Was out several times but always had liberty.
10/16/1944 We took off and was in San Diego on the night of 24th.
10/27/1944 Left San Diego.
11/2/1944 Arrived Pearl Harbor in the bay, around 5:30 pm Pearl Harbor time.
11/5/1944 Cruised around and went back to Pearl on the 9-10th.
11/11/1944 Left Pearl and was in (?) Sat. 11/181944 stayed a day or two and left for Ulithi (?)
11/22/1944 Ulithi, worked on ammunition and stores.
11/28/1944 Still in Ulithi and moved to 208.2 section rained off and on all day.
12/1/1944 Left in Task Force and came back 12/2/1944
12/5/1944 Left Ulithi again went almost to Japan back to Ulithi on the 9th.
12/11/1944 Out again, lots of ships.
12/13/1944 1am Refueled
12/17-18/1944 Bad storm cruised around till the 24th and back to Ulithi
12/27/1944 Went out alone again
1/1/1945 Met the Task Force
1/2/1945 Refueled, rough time
1/8/1945 Good day but had rough trip all along, refueled again another rough time.
1/9/1945 Entered China Sea at night cruised around
1/11/1945 Nice day, refueled
1/15/1945 Got heavy gear on just in time
1/16/1945 First real firing
1/22/1945 Saw first plane shot down at dark
1/24/1945 We left the Task Force and took a run up by Formosa all alone
1/27/1945 Ulithi at 2:30 fueled and lots of work, Port watch 5th section
2/6/1945 Early test run and firing OK
2/10/1945 Left Ulithi and took it easy a couple of days
2/16-17/1945 Bombed Tokyo and some big islands
2/25/1945 Hit Tokyo again then headed for Ulithi
2/28/1945 In Ulithi in the pm, stayed there until 3/17/1945
3/13/1945 Good weather, to many G.Q. lately, out for 43 days
3/30/1945 Back to Ulithi and started to clean ship and stand watches
4/9/1945 Left early went up around Okinawa
6/13/1945 Came into Leyte and started to clean ship and paint all one color
6/17/1945 Was in second Typhoon, quit bad too, USS Pittsburg lost the bow, wind up to 138 mph, lots of ships damaged
6/18-20/1945 Was on the beach in Sumar, dirty place
6/21-26/1945 Dry-dock, hot as hell sanding bottom
7/1/1945 Weather hot, in salt water about 10 days
7/11/1945 Hit Tokyo again for the second time
7/14/1945 Tokyo, was in close and bombed the beach for the first time
7/28-30/1945 Hit Japan, no G.Q.
8/1-5/1945 Port of Okinawa routine out on gun mount all day
8/13/1945 Okinawa, a few planes come out to raid us, was under attack at 0700 (?) shot down at chow time1:35
8/14/1945 Rumors of peace but had G.Q. two times, planes shot down both times
8/15/1945 Halsey ordered cease fire
8/21/1945 Good day still in 3rd fleet
8/23/1945 Left 38.1 (?)and monkeyed around a couple of days rough weather suppose to hit the bay of Sagami on the 26th but typhoon held us up
8/27/1945 Took off with the Missouri in the lead and made it OK, anchored insight of Mt Fujiyama (?) really high 12388 ft.
8/28/1945 Cleaning side of ship and took on two bunches of our POWs, they were captured in Singapore at the first of the war, they were working in a power factory, "rough life too"
8/29/1945 Went up bay to Tokyo by Yokohama were about five miles from Imperial Palace. Jap pilot came on board about 15 miles from Tokyo Bay and showed us through the mine field. Now about 3 miles from city and were the first US ship in Tokyo Bay Proper
8/31/1945 Came from Tokyo Bay to Yokohama and anchored in the pm building all burned out, ships all wrecked and carrier on the bottom. Move to see condition, 6 watch, 3rd section
9/1/1945 Left Yokohama back to Tokyo and painted water line
9/2/1945 Painted and stood watch, still after POWs
9/7-13/1945 Made trip north of Tokyo and took POWs to Tokyo
9/13/1945 My first Liberty on island of Japan
9/14/1945 Left for Yokosuka (?)
9/23/1945 I transferred from USS San Juan to the USS Gen. Sturgis (?)
9/26/1945 At noon after 2 days of bad storms made Seattle
10/9/1945 Transferred to Bremerton Wash.
10/13/1945 At 11 am I was discharged out of the Navy
This is all of my Uncles writing in his 1940 Blue Jackets Manual. Some of the spelling might be off a little as I couldn't make out some of the words.
Thank You
Dale Wickham