William S. Goodwin

My Name is Chuck Neiderhouse. My Father-in-law is William S. Goodwin and served on the USS San Juan CL-54. He organizes the re-unions for all his Shipmates that also served on the USS San Juan and has done so for MANY years. I'm SURE that he would be interested in finding out how to UPDATE the roster of those that served with him. Anything that I can do to help to update the list I will do. Let me know how I can help...I can provide you with the names and address of all the seamen that served aboard the USS San Juan CL-54.  Please return my email at your earliest convenience and I will respond, with the help of William S. Goodwin, to help you get all the information that you need to add the other members of the USS San Juan. Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. Chuck Neiderhouse 6748 23 Street North St. Petersburg, Florida  33702-5608 
PS My Father-in-Law is: William S. Goodwin 5698 58th Avenue North 
St. Petersburg, Florida 33709