George McBride

George is a younger brother of Robert McBride who also served on the San Juan. They joined the Navy together in January 1942. Robert was 21 and George had just turned 20 on Jan 2,1942. When the 5 Sullivan Brothers went down on the USS Juneau, George requested a transfer and went to the USS Missouri. Their youngest brother, Joe joined the Navy the following year and served as a radioman aboard the USS Hale. They were all together in Tokyo for the signing of the Peace Treaty. There was a picture of the 3 brothers on the front page of their hometown newspaper, The Lowell Sun. We have a copy of the photo somewhere. When I find it I will pass it on. I wonder if any of their crew mates remember The McBride boys. Thanks. David McBride, son of Robert and nephew of George. Feel free to contact me at